Top Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

Summer has long been the most popular season to tie the knot in, with brides and grooms wanting their wedding photos to be filled with glorious sunshine, blue skies and lots of outdoor scenery. However, there are some important things to consider if you’re planning a summer event, so your guests are as comfortable as possible and able to enjoy your Big Day.

For our tips, read on.

  • Provide shade

You might want to spend all day outside basking in the sunshine and sipping fizz on the lawn, but for some people, the intense midday sun can be too much for them. Therefore, it is essential you provide relief from the sunlight to those with fair skin, elderly relatives and young children.

Hiring a marquee in Bromley is a great option, as it allows guests to step away from the UV rays while still enjoying an outdoor feeling, so they don’t feel isolated or stuffy. Make sure it has an air-conditioning system in too, in case the heat becomes too much for some people!

  • Later start time

It is wise to delay your start time if you’re opting for a summer wedding to avoid the sun when it is at its strongest. Instead of a midday ceremony, you could begin procedures later in the afternoon, so more guests can enjoy being outdoors without feeling too hot.

As the sun doesn’t set till late during the summer months, you can simply push back reception drinks and your wedding breakfast till later in the evening.

  • Offer suncream

For a wedding your friends and family will really enjoy, forgo unnecessary favours and offer your loved ones flip flops, sunglasses, fans, sunhats, insect spray or suncream instead. They will certainly find this a novelty, as well as incredibly useful.

It is also important that brides and grooms protect themselves from the sun too, as you don’t want to look bright red in photos of your Big Day. Keep suncream in your purse, so you can reapply regularly too.

  • Refreshing drinks

One thing your guests will definitely need on a sweltering day is something refreshing to drink, so choose your beverages carefully. Ditch the red wine and serve a fruit cocktail instead.

You could have a cocktail made specifically for your special occasion as a reception drink, which will be unique alternative to sparkling wine. It is also important to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to keep loved ones hydrated, so they don’t get too inebriated in the heat!

  • Serve something light to eat

Similarly, this isn’t the time for a heavy roast dinner, so rethink your menu. Why not have a lighter meal of grilled fish and vegetables, or chicken and salad, or even something vegetarian?

A novel idea would be to have an ice-cream cart outside the venue afterwards, so guests can enjoy a delicious scoop of their favourite flavour. Or you could make sure you bulk-buy ice-lollies to keep everyone cool and hydrated, so they are really able to enjoy an evening hitting the dance floor!

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