How To Keep Your Marquee Warm In Winter

Just because the weather is on the decidedly chilly side doesn’t mean that you can’t throw the party to end all parties – but you will need to take a few considerations into account when it comes to marquee hire for your Croydon event if you do want to put a shindig on over the winter months.

An indirect heater may well be the best option for heating a marquee because they’re so efficient when it comes to heating up large spaces quickly – and for a prolonged period of time. Simply position yours outside your tent hire and enjoy all that lovely warmth being ducted inside.

Avoid hiring halogen or infrared heaters that don’t have fans as they’re not going to be powerful enough to heat bigger marquees.

You may also want to avoid using a space heater (even if they do seem like the most inexpensive option out there) because they’re meant for use in well ventilated areas and could potentially lead to carbon monoxide build-up.

Once you’ve chosen your particular heating option, get them going at least an hour before your guests are due to arrive so it’s nice, cosy and welcoming for them. You can also evoke a feeling of warmth in the space by decorating in a certain way, choosing darker, richer colours and plush furnishings.

Lighting is also key when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere, so go for warm coloured lights and uplighters in autumnal shades to help keep guests warm on a chilly evening.

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