Intimate Ceremony Ideas for Smaller Weddings

Since 4 July, weddings of up to 30 people have been permitted, and from 1 August, post-ceremony receptions with up to 30 guests have been given the go-ahead once more. For those who had their hearts set on a grand, lavish affair, this could mean making some serious sacrifices, or holding on until we have returned to a ‘new normal’.

But smaller weddings should not be ruled out, as there are so many benefits to having an intimate wedding day, surrounded by your very nearest and dearest. Everyone from venues to registrars are adapting and making COVID-secure changes to ensure your wedding can go ahead, and there are more options than you might think for keeping that special day special!

Here are some intimate ceremony ideas that prove you don’t have to go all-out to have a beautiful wedding.


Without having to spend as much money on larger venues, more wedding favours, catering, and accommodation for more people, an intimate wedding can cost you a lot less. Or perhaps with the money you save, you can lavish your guests with luxurious entertainment or catering, or simply set it aside for a day when an extravagant honeymoon abroad is feasible.

The Guest List

Not everyone has an endless list of friends and family to invite to their wedding, so smaller ceremonies and receptions can prove the ideal solution. A thinner guest list means the bride and groom can spend more time talking to the guests, and for the guests to be able to all talk to each other, which is perfect for families that maybe don’t know each other that well.

A large wedding can also be intimidating, having all those eyes on you, especially if you struggle with anxiety. You’re more likely to be able to remain calm and comfortable if you’re only surrounded by those that mean the most to you.


The intimacy of a smaller wedding provides a more casual atmosphere, which makes it easier for those having to perform readings or give speeches. Public speaking can be difficult for those unaccustomed to it.

The Venue

In many cases, a smaller wedding means couples have a wider choice of venues, and unusual settings in alternative, non-traditional locations.

Smaller wedding venues mean couples don’t have to go all out decorating a huge space unless they want to, which is much less time-consuming and less to have to consider and worry about. Also, should you be taking the DIY route in creating centrepieces and decor, it won’t take nearly as long.


A limited number of guests means there could be a wider option for catering to everyone. Perhaps your favourite restaurant would be open to providing for you, or for something really unique, Deliveroo provide a wedding catering service, which would definitely be something to look forward to!

You will still need to keep your guests entertained, and everyone will still want to dance the night away, so don’t forget your dance floor hire in Bromley!

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