What Will 2021’s Top Wedding Trends Be?

Most couples who planned to tie the knot in 2020 have started making plans to postpone their wedding, or alter their big day to allow for the restrictions imposed by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

But there is some good news for anyone who’s looking to get married next year, with Bridebook’s founder Hamish Shephard telling the Evening Standard that he believes 2021 will be the “busiest year for weddings in history”.

The newspaper highlighted some of the top trends that Bridebook is predicting for nuptials next year, including the rise of statement bridal veils and virtual guests attending through the likes of Zoom if they’re unable to travel.

The wedding planning firm is also predicting that couples will get more creative with their decor choices. “With more time than ever to think about wedding details, we can expect a move away from some more traditional elements to more creative and modern takes on decor,” it asserted.

Couples may want to introduce some unusual activities to their wedding day in the form of giant lawn games, for instance.

The Bridebook research also found that around 75 per cent of weddings will feature DIY elements because couples are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure.

Another trend that’s set to grow in the world of wedding planning is that of being eco friendly. Zero plastic and reduced waste weddings are set to become more commonplace, therefore, with couples taking various steps to reduce the impact of their big day, including composting leftovers and sending out invitations made from recycled paper or card.

If you have had to delay your wedding due to the pandemic, take a look at our blog exploring what some of the positives to a delay could be. It might be that people who had previously been unable to come to your nuptials will be able to make the new date, or that you have the time to elaborate on your original wedding ideas and make it bigger and better than before.

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