How To Make The Most Of Having To Delay Wedding

Thousands of loved-up couples will have been left devastated over the last few weeks, thanks to the coronavirus crisis having forced them to postpone their wedding while the country continues to be in lockdown.

Having planned their Big Day for months – or even years – they have had all the arrangements for their dream wedding shattered. Changing the date of the occasion is not just a logistical nightmare, but also an emotional one, with most brides and grooms disappointed they now have to wait even longer to tie the knot.

But we want to lift you up, and help you make the most of having to defer your wedding for another few months – even if it was the last thing you had wanted to do.

  • All your guests will be able to come

Those who are saddened at having to postpone their Big Day might take some comfort in knowing that when they do walk down the aisle, all their friends and family will be able to come. If they had held it on the original date, many elderly relatives, pregnant guests and those who fall into vulnerable groups may still not be able to attend even if lockdown had been lifted.

However, by postponing it until the pandemic has taken its course, there is a better chance you can celebrate with all your loved ones around you.

  • Keep on planning

All the plans might already be in place, but having longer before the special occasion means you can really elaborate on the ideas, be more creative with decorations or invitations, and get all the details just the way you want.

What’s more, you may have missed out on suppliers as they were booked up originally, whereas you might now be able to hire them. If you have always wanted a wedding marquee in Croydon, for instance, but were unable to find one for your original date, this is the time to get in touch again and see if one is available for your new wedding day.

  • Extra additions

While it is hard to ensure your entire original guest list will make the proposed date, if you give them enough notice, there is a good chance all your friends and family will try their best to make it.

What’s more, you might even find you have extra guests attending your Big Day – whether they are loved ones who could not make the first date, or expectant guests who have had their baby by the time you get hitched.

Though it would not have been a reason to postpone the wedding in the first place, having a smiling cherubic baby in wedding photos will make everyone smile and lift spirits even more on the day.

  • Enjoy an even bigger celebration

There is no doubt you would have thought your wedding was the best day ever anyway, but it will be even more poignant after this. The guests who can attend will be more appreciated as they are still well, while the celebrations will be even bigger as everyone will know how much you have waited for this.

Luxury wedding planner Audrey Ametis told Harper’s Bazaar: “In these very difficult, exceptional times, where some of your guests will lose loved ones, or some may be laid off, now is the right time to focus on what is important.”

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