All Inclusive Marquee Package Hire in Croydon,

Bromley and Reigate

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Our Marquee Hire Package

At Revolution Recreation, we are delighted to offer our all-inclusive marquee hire package:

  • Commercial grade marquee hire with all secure fixings
  • Rubber matting throughout the marquee
  • Black and white chequered dance floor hire
  • Sound responsive disco lights
  • LED festoon or globe lighting
  • Fog machine for your marquee
  • Sound system for playing your own music from a phone, tablet or laptop
  • Unique and stylish DJ booth
  • All electric cabling and extension leads
  • Free delivery within 20 miles of our Caterham base in CR3 (excluding Central London)
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Are you in the process of planning a birthday party, wedding or other special event? Worried about fitting enough people into your house or concerned about the mess? At Revolution Recreation, we take away any party planning stress by providing an all-inclusive marquee hire package, with party tent and dance floor hire. We deliver, set-up and collect in Bromley, Croydon, Reigate and the surrounding London, Surrey and Kent areas.


Whether you’re organising an 18th birthday party at your home in Bromley, a summer celebration in your Croydon garden or a corporate event in Reigate, our team have you covered with everything you need to throw a successful and memorable party. From black and white chequered dance floor hire, to fog machines, plug and play sound systems and a fantastic range of marquee hire options.

Marquee Hire Package Benefits

  • Party tent marquee hire is hassle-free, fast and efficient
  • Marquee hire packages can be tailored to suit individual clients and themes
  • Having a marquee means that your home can stay clean and tidy
  • We provide a fixed price for our party tent packages
  • Everything is set-up and cleared away by our team, leaving you to enjoy the party!
  • We deliver marquees, garden party tents, dance floor hire and party equipment to customers in Bromley, Croydon, Reigate and the surrounding areas

Marquee Package Sizes

Marquees come in different sizes to suit special occasions of all kinds in Bromley, Croydon, Reigate and the surrounding areas:

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4m x 8m

48 standing

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4m x 10m

60 standing

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6m x 6m

60 standing

Medium Marquee Package (from £649)

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3m x 6m

30 standing

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4m x 4m

24 standing

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4m x 6m

40 standing

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3m x 8m

44 standing

Large Marquee Package (from £825)

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4m x 12m

75 standing

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4m x 14m

80 standing

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6m x 8m

80 standing

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8m x 8m

100 standing

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6m x 10m

100 standing

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6m x 16m

160 standing

Small Marquee Package (from £449)

Optional Marquee Package Hire Extras

Customers in Bromley, Croydon, Reigate and the surrounding London, Surrey and Kent areas may want to add extras to complement their marquee and dance floor hire package with the following optional additions with your marquee hire:

Fairy Light Canopy

Roof and Wall Draped Lining


roof and wall drapings

Roof and wall draped lining can also compliment your party tent and enhance the overall look of your marquee. Decorative roof and wall draped lining comes in a range of different styles, from classic pleated linings for a more traditional appearance to flat linings for a sleek, contemporary look. We offer roof and wall draped linings made from high-quality fabrics, which are available in a variety of colours to choose from.

fairy lights image
uplights image

You can also add optional extras to compliment our party package to create a real wow factor such as our decorative roof ribbons or fairy lighting roof canopy – please contact us for prices.

Our uplighters are perfect for lighting the walls of your venue in the colour of your choice, these work fantastically as mood lighting to enhance your event.


The LED Uplighters can also be set to a sound-to-light mode where the lights will flash in time to the music being played or can be set to slowly fade through a variety of colours.


These units are also wireless, so no trip hazards and you're not restricted to placing them near sockets.


Hard Flooring and Heating

Silent Disco

image of hardwood flooring

Also consider whether you will require heaters which we can install, complete with electrical cabling, for £15 each - we can advise on the appropriate number of heaters for the size of marquee that you select. Out of summer months, if your marquee is being erected onto grass then installation of a hard flooring is essential to avoid mud and to protect your lawn.   We overlay the hard floor with a non slip rubber matting.   The price for hard plastic flooring is £3/square metre.

image of three men at a silent disco
image of hireable furniture

Larger marquees can look sparse without furniture and some of your guests may also appreciate somewhere to sit! Take a look at our range of party furniture including tables, chairs and even a self service bar!

Click here to view more of our furniture that is available for hire

If you are concerned about disturbing your neighbours and don't want your party to stop at midnight, then why not consider also hiring silent disco equipment.  Simply plug your device into the transmitter, press play and your guests can continue to listen to your tunes in their wireless headphones.  You can even connect a second device and your guests choose which playlist they want to listen to from their headset!

An extra winter cleaning charge will be added for marquee hire bookings on grass in October to February.

For marquee hire package enquiries call us today on 07981 001 372. We offer fully equipped party tents and marquees in Bromley, Croydon, Reigate and the surrounding areas.

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